John Watts is an excellent musician, writer and arranger. Whenever I work with John, he always challenges my thinking and helps me to take the music to the next level.

Jon Liedersdorff

Lakehouse Music

John is a truly gifted songwriter! His unique talent lies in creating harmonies that are musically intriguing, yet commercially successful. He is incredibly versatile in his music and knows how to create an honest, catchy tune. He is also a perfectionist who will not rest until the sound is right. He is a pleasure to work with!

Matthias Oertle

Excecutive Producer for Lili Rocha, Songwriter

I got my BEAUTIFUL CDs in the mail yesterday.. what joy to play the song in the car!… I believe this to be priceless, the whole experience. You are a very TALENTED MAN… the underpinnings of the entire event.. you “orchestrated.” You made stars of us all!

Anna Lenoir