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Songwriter. Producer. Coach. Collaborator.

Although I’m a classically-trained pianist and composer, I’ve devoted much of my life to developing the art and craft of songwriting, working in a wide variety of musical genres. I began writing folk-type songs on an acoustic guitar in college, found my way to the NY alternative rock and r&b scenes in the 80′s, then performed in jam bands in the 90′s. Eventually I fell in love with Brazilian popular music, including many types of samba as well as bossa nova and MPB. Over the past several years I’ve been involved as a writer, arranger and producer for a number of local as well as international artists and have been writing the music for a rock musical version of “Midnight Cowboy” with book writer and lyricist Lawrence Alexander. The truth is, music is more interesting and exciting to me today than ever before in my life. Now tell me about yourself…